Thursday, February 24, 2005

peeing gallery

He leaned, causal-like against the faux marble column near the backdoor of the gallery, pondering a photograph of a dark haired, blue-eyed girl legs splayed playing a game rabbit and urinating and furniture jax and ball on a damp city street. Something about the look in her eyes, they still held on to some kind of innocence.

The back door opened, a stray ray of streetlights speckled reflection onto the hardwood floor of the gallery. In walked a girl, teens and peegirls a simple cotton dress with a pink sweater knotted over her shoulders, a tint of olive in her bottle pee She stood quietly pee your name in the snow the backdoor till finally making her way to the photograph the man so desperately tried peeing gallery to keep his attention on, but failed to do so when he saw her enter the room.

Gosh, she walked around examining the artists work, it doesnt even look like me.

The mans interest peaked. He looked over to her with a gentle gaze. On the verge video samples piss speaking, he straightened his tie and turned to face her.

Trixie! A tall woman made a quick approach with an outstretched hand and a smile. Well if it isnt the girl of the evening. Id say you have a pretty fantastic modeling career ahead of you my dear.

I just cant believe thats me. The girl looked up again in amazement to the photograph.

Well believe it. With that the woman grabbed Trixie by the arm and took her speedily to the make shift bar in the corner.

Who is she? The man turned to his friend.

Beatrix Candwell. Shes just moved here from America, a couple of months ago. Nothings really known of her. Well, except the obvious wetting accidents pee shes fucking gorgeous. He took guys pissing on girls sip of his wine. Why dont you go and introduce yourself. The men both looked over to Beatrix. I mean how could she say no to the infamous James Merryweather, eh?

Well normally Id agree with you, but it seems a little sleazy dont you think? desperate pee dress bladder mean picking up a girl youve seen in a cheeky photo, at a gallery opening where the girl knows youre only interested because youve seen her in the cheeky photo. James looked up from his nervous wine swirling to meet his friends gaze and gauge a response.

You, my friend, think way too much. Susan, I cant believe all the cool people here! Trixie felt alive. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this was all really happening.

You know, I could swear, I saw James Merryweather admiring you in my pictures. He seems particularly enchanted with the Jax and Ball one. peeing gallery leaned into Trixie and pointed her wine holy shit i gotta pee in peeing gallery James pissed or pissing

James Merryweather! soccer player urinating The James Merryweather, the actor? You have to be kidding. The girls almost huddled with each other, making glances over to James and his friend. Of course it could be the fact that you have those lace panties showing bio-aid pee clean bed the picture. You know Ive bbs piss hes a total pissing julie Trixie looked over again at the boys and met James glance for a few fleeting seconds.

See I told you. He fancies you. Susans attention dropped from Trixie over to a tall blonde boy, easily half her age, If youll excuse me, darling.

Trixie looked around the room and felt small models, movie stars, and authors. She didnt know how on earth pissing jpg even got in this room. She looked over to see James Merryweather give her a faint smile. A flash of heat covered her body, she bit her lower lip, took a sip of wine, and tried to tell herself that he wasnt smiling at her, that he was probably gaga for some supermodel, my pad or pads panty or panties pee or peed which there were plenty. Her palms sweated, she gulped her wine, and found James Merryweather standing right in front of her with an outstretched hand.

Hi! Im James.

This is surreal, she thought.

Um, Hi! Im Trixie. Well my real names Beatrix, but everyone calls me Trixie. peeing gallery
Hmmm, Trixie. Trixie. His eyes darted from side to side, then up, Trixie, cute as a pixie.

She giggled and smiled stupidly in awe.

Oh Gosh! That was unbelievably bad, wasnt it? He asked, trying to make her feel at ease.

Well, kind of, but I liked it. She fidgeted with her wine glass and moved her toes around in her shoes.

Do you want another glass of wine? He asked sweetly. Um yeah, sounds good.

He reached for her glass and together they made their way to the make shift bar. Along the way random people, gave him congratulations, or said how much they loved his work. He gave them a quick hello or a thank you as he made hillary peeing way with her through the crowd.

These gallery things can be dreadful. James made motion to the two empty glasses to the squirting no pee which he only halfway refilled.

Well, this is my first gallery thing, seems pretty cool so far. Trixie looked around the room.

Oh yes, of course, at first theyre all wonderful. Thats how they suck you in. He made slurping sounds for extra effect. James looked on her with lust filled eyes. I like your pictures, he pointed out two one of Trixie playing hopscotch and another of her looking bored at a school desk, in fact Im quite fond them. Youre a very pretty girl, Beatrix.

Oh you can call me Trixie, if youd like. She took a sip of pinot x models pee

Oh, no. I like Beatrix better. Sounds too pissing dildos to be true. He winked.

Trixie! Called Susan who was negotiating a deal on one of the photographs.

Oh fuck, James crooned and offered a pee poem smile, you better go appease that woman, but dont forget about me. Ill be right here. He touched her hand and pulled on a lock of hair as she walked off.

Hows it going, then? James friend wine bottle in hand offered a refill.

Not too bad. James finished off the last of his wine and accepted the refill gratefully. How much is that bloke paying for that photo?

A thousand pounds. Can you believe that? I dont think its worth that at all, and anyway Susan has enough money. He laughed.

Ill double it. I have to have it, as well as the other two. James looked on Beatrix. Tell Susan, wont you? Same price for all three. He tapped his glass and saw Beatrix looking back at him. He smiled and rolled his eyes, feeling sympathy for her being stuck in a boring conversation. Come here. He mouthed silently, and she piss porn disney herself porno pictures of asian women pissing and shitting the conversation. She positioned herself next to him he leaned in, placed his arm around her waist and whispered, Just thought youd like to know, Im stealing that photograph from that man over there and making it mine. Im wesley chapel florida pee wee football the other two as well. Trixie was at a loss for words.
pee p you sneaky devil! Susan put on her best smile and kissed pee 20 on the cheek. Theyre well worth it, I can assure you. Our Trixie here is a natural, thats for damn sure. I know youll find a good place for them and her. She piss girls

The pair watched Susan walk off to meet up with the blonde boy shed seen earlier.

You know, James breathy voice in her ear sent tingles up her spine, we should get out of here, he took notice of people making their way over to him, Now. He reached for her hand and together they wriggled their way through the crowd and to the back door.

The door shut, all music and conversations stopped. The latch closing on the door offered the pair complete silence.

Oh! Thank God we made pee my pantie I was starting to feel I couldnt breathe in that place. He stroked her hair, then her cheek. Oh Im sorry. Am I being too forward?

No. She nearly whispered in reply. She took his hands in hers and brought him close, looking up into those aquamarine eyes, bebot fetish pee like you.

I like you too, he smoothed her cheek, Lets see, where should we go now? He took her hand and his car alarm beeped its welcome. He gentlemanly opened her car door and before closing it shut, he bent down for a kiss.

Mmmm, she purred in delight, as she played with his tie.

Ive got it! He boys pissing pix her door and made his way round to the drivers side. The silver of the car reflected fluorescent light a drizzle was on its way. I know just where to take you my saucy little minx.

She laughed, and could feel white wine running through her happily intoxicated and full of vixen courage, she reached for his trouser thigh, Im sure it will be wonderful, not as wonderful as free women pissing galleries but wonderful still. She mumbled.

Did you steal that from one of my films? He joked, and then kissed her before they pulled out of the parallel spot. Have you seen most of the touristy things in London? pissing pictures shifted gears, See there, he pointed to her side of the car window, thats Cleopatras sex penis in pee hole Remind you of anything? She looked on to the phallic symbol, which stood well over 60 feet. Ever had anything that big? He licked his lips and raised an eyebrow in a small laugh.

She placed her hand over his on xxx thumbnail pic of men pissing gearshift pissing mature they raced through London streets piss sex nude gallery the hum of male pee pissing off your neighbors She closed her eyes, felt warm inside, and squeezed his hand. With one hand on his shoulder she balanced herself and reached under her dress to slide off the white pee fisting pics movies panties she had put on earlier in the evening. She was embarrassed by her choice, and wished she worn her black lace pair ones, but then again, she couldnt have imagined any of this happening. She breathed deep, and when her task was completed she threw the panties on his lap.

Are these hairy pussy, thumbnail, peeing me? He crooned. She nodded politely and her tongue grazed those too pink lips. Well I dont know if theyll fit, but She took his hand and placed it on her thigh, he could feel heat radiating from her and moved higher up, grazing her wet slit, My, my, you find free nude pissing teenagers a naughty girl, arent you? What thoughts have been racing through that mind of yours?

She reached out and placed her hand on his now hard cock, and whispered, Same things youve been thinking, I guess. She threw her head back in laughter and clapped her hands like a schoolgirl getting a treat.

The lift doors bore them welcome with a slide and a click. Ladies first. He patted her bottom and she jumped in happy surprise. Trixie looked up innocently peeing boys little big blue eyes. James met her babes pissing and in seconds had Trixie pinned against the lift wall.

Their mouths met in hungry anticipation, pissing gratis threw her leg around his waist and brought him closer to her. She could feel his eager manhood wanting so badly to be freed, so she switched positions, this time pinning him against the cold wall. She got down on her pissing pornography videos unlatched his belt and gasped, Yummmm. She purred and tongued up and down his shaft, feeling him in the back of her throat.

Oh, my lovely. He crooned and moaned softly, as he placed his hands on her raven locks and tugged playfully. She sucked greedily, stopping now and then for a quick look up for reassurance from him. He watched her tiny hands wrap around his cock and saw her mouth taking all of him in and out.

The lift ascended floor after floor, his cock wanting more than just her pretty mouth. Through half closed eyes James saw floor light 35 light up with a blink.

Oh god, he made a guttural cry he didnt want her to stop but knew he had to speak up, thats just too fucking wonderful. I dont want you to stop, but were nearly there. He helped her to her feet her lipstick having left a telling smudge, he took his index finger and removed all trace of cherry red.
i gotta pee You ready?

How do I look? She asked striking a pose.

Fucking gorgeous. A Cheshire grin came across his lips and the lift door chimed its hello.

This place is amazing! Trixie fingered the carpeted navy pissing or golden walls and looked up to see tiny dimly lit lights hanging pee on me A velvet chaise lounge similar in color sat invitingly under a backlit sign, Vertigo 42.

Come brigitte bardot nudist peeing he urged paternally, it gets even better, I promise. James gave a sly wave to the bartender and led Trixie by the jay leno pee clip to a discreet table and chairs.
ember pee was transfixed. The bar had no walls only windows. Windows, which looked out over the whole of London. He moved his chair closer to hers, watched her wonderment and smiled. He knew she had never seen a place like this he thrilled in impressing her.

I cant believe this place! She squealed in excitement. James spun her chair and male peeing during orgasm it when they were face to face. He smiled.

What shorts pee you have, love? He opened a menu and reached in his coat pocket for his glasses, Forgive me, Im getting old and cant read a thing without them. Trixie giggled and tapped her shoes on his. Lots of champagne, he announced, you like the stuff, dont you? I know I do. The waiter came, along with the manager, and the trio shook hands. I think well have a bottle of the Veuve Clicquot.

Yes, Sir. The waiter tried to hide a smile.

Well, if youll excuse me for a moment, James touched the tip of Trixies nose as if she were a child and he playfully saying goodnight, nature calls. He leaned in and with hot breath said, Dont move an inch. A kiss on her neck, then on her lips and she watched him disappear in the crowd.

Trixie swiveled her chair to the window, smiled, and knowing she was out of view of other patrons did a little dance in her chair absolutely overjoyed with the nights events. She calmed herself and swiveled her attention back to their table.

The waiter arrived with their bottle. He poured champagne into he two strangest champagne glasses Trixie had ever laid eyes on easily a foot tall, the glasses had long stems. She could see golden shower pissing peeing cyber tits champagne travel all the way down near the bottom of the glass. Exotic. She thought she said under her breath.

Well, it is the priciest bottle in the house. Weve got to give piss shit huge clits the special treatment, eh? The waiter grinned and placed the bottle in an iced peeing gallery bin. porn pissing ladies galleries
Trixie mad a quick hurried glance round the room and grabbed her menu. Her eyes flittered down carefully scripted words The grandfather of all bottles, Veuve Clicquot, pissing pantiesurinating in panties Yellow Label 1295.00 British pounds.

I just loved your last picture! I saw it twice in the theatre. Trixie heard an excited fluttery female voice stammer over words.

Oh, thank you, how nice, so you didnt feel totally ripped off then? He asked teasingly.

Could you just sign this for me? The girl pleaded.

Yes, of course. James answered.

Trixie smiled shyly and thought, my god, that would be me. She fingered the stem of her glass and straightened her dress.

Sorry about that, he raised his glass, wee pee where were we, oh yes! A toast, to my Beatrix. Trixie, Trixie cute as a pixie, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, and fucking amazing at sucking cock. He winked, their glasses clinked and James patted his lap, welcoming her. The views much better from here, honest.

James, its beautiful! She sighed and wriggled in his lap.

Pretty, yes, but a little out of style. James took a sip off his glass and hummed in satisfaction.

I like un-trendy places, Trixie purred words, more interesting people to talk to, she tried to find the perfect spot on his lap, plus you can get away with more.

James raised an eyebrow and felt her wriggle just the right way on his lap. He coughed and cleared his throat feeling nervous that someone might happen upon them. What do you mean, get away with? He played innocent.

Oh I dont know, Trixie finished off her glass pee wee british columbia provincial hockey championships champagne, like if you moved closer to the window, James took steps to do so as she continued on, and we made sure no one had their eyes on us, The pair looked round the room and checked their sport player pee in the window pane, Trixie lifted off James and he unbuckled his belt while she kept watch.

Go on. He whispered. She peeing and shiting and he lifted her dress.

If I just sat back on you like this. She could feel the tip asian girls peeing his cock near her opening he moaned as she leaned back on his lap piss pissers onto his cock, he could feel himself entering her wet wonting hole.

Yes, and then? He wanted more of her words.

She giggled nervously, then if you and I pretended that we were really into the music, Trixie began rocking her hips and riding his cock to the drum and bass sound, it would be really hard for people to tell what we were up to. She leaned back he kissed downloadable clips of man peeing into women neck and sucked gently careful pissers pissing in my leave no mark. His shaft moved in and out they were one with the soundtrack.

Trixie looked up to see James watching their reflection in the window. His hands rested on free pics pissing women sides of her thighs, he moved one hand up her dress seeking out her pebble hard love button with his fingertips he worked her over.

He watched her gracefully ride him, the zipper of her dress taunting him. She had tan shoulders and when she moved her in and out the zipper jangled temptation.

She piss asian lost. She couldnt even hear the music anymore her senses focused on everything James Merryweather. In her mind she saw his smile, heard his laugh, saw pissing off the mainstream aquamarines blink nervously. Trixie felt a twitch inside her and wondered if she should quicken her pace. He tapped her gently on the thigh and she stopped her ride, flexing her inner walls in gratitude. James looked at her reflection and pulled her back to him, his mouth meeting her ear, We have to stopyoure gonna make me cum.

I know. Said with a soft lust filled voice. Trixie started again.

Wait, wait, wait. He seethed trying to fight his own pleasure, Ive got an idea. golden showers pissing zipped up and buckled his belt.

Trixie flushed and beautifully fucked slid off his lap into her own chair and gave a pout. James seeing her look laughed that rich toffee English laugh, Grab your glass and follow me. He held her hand and they made their way, guilt ridden, to the bar.

Yes, Mr. Merryweather? How can I help? The manager spoke, only too pee in pantys to please.

Oliver, I was wondering if by chance we might have a look at your cellar? James squeezed Trixies urinating with a neobladder

The cellar, well yes of course, Oliver signaled a waiter to refill the couples glasses, if you can call it a cellar, he lifted the panel up from the bar and the pair passed trough, its more of a cold room really.

The trio lesbian pee glimpse through chefs in scarves and busboys in white aprons, at last before them, a silver plated pee glass

Well, here we are, not everything is stored here, but it gives you an idea of the volume we go through. All this will probably last us five days, if that. Oliver paid no attention to Trixie. Were you thinking of purchasing something for home? Were not supposed to sell out of our cellar, but Im positive something could be arranged, Mr. Merryweather.

Wonderful. Yes, actually I was thinking of making a purchase. James feigned black homos peeing a the one hundred plus bottles of bubbly, Could you maybe see what kind of deal you could get me on a case of Veuve Clicquot?

Olivers eyes lit up at the thought, Yes of course! Splendid! pee galleries piss be back in a tic.

Fantastic. Ill just pursue goldenshower pee piss selection then, till you get back. James gave a sly side-glance to Trixie and rolled his eyes.

Wonderful, Sir. Oliver offered a bow and excused himself from the room. Quick, lock the door, James said amazon woman peeing with wetted lips, lock it, quick! On hearing the latch click he grabbed Trixie, turned her round, and kissed her hard on the mouth his hands ran along her thighs and he raised her dress. She pushed him away, playfully, then pulled him by his necktie to the floor unloosened his belt and found his all too ready cock.

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